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Sherry Kay Schreiner-Beckwith, MSN, RN, MS

Westport, CT
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Education Programs | Geriatrics/Senior Wellness | Hospice/Palliative Care | Licensed Healthcare Practitioner | Women's Health

I am a licensed Professional Registered Nurse since 2006 in New Jersey. I am also licensed under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) since 2022 as a licensed compact state nurse and registered nurse Licensure by endorsement in Connecticut since 2014. I have a master’s degree in nursing from Sacred Heart University specializing in clinical nurse leadership. I have practiced in hospital, long-term, home care, and childbirth center healthcare settings with a range of patient ages. I have enjoyed several roles as a nurse educator for both licensed practical nurse (LPN) and associate degree nurse (RN) education inclusive of classroom and clinical site instruction environments. I earned a second master’s degree majoring in medical cannabis science and therapeutics from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in the second graduating class in the US. Cannabis. HealTHCare Navigation has a home office based in Connecticut offering in-person speaking engagements or virtual opportunities to audiences of medical cannabis patients and their caregivers, healthcare providers, EMS, Fire & Police, nurse educators, and students about the endocannabinoid and medical cannabis therapeutics. I believe strongly in a patient-centered holistic approach to empower the mind, body, and spirit for a state of wellness the patient decides. It is my passion to advocate, support, and educate the medical cannabis patient population and their care providers to facilitate successful personal wellness goals for a better quality of life. Cannabis HealTHCare Navigation can provide vital educational opportunities for physicians, nurses, medical professionals, and nurse educators specifically about the human endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis, dosing, and caring for the medical cannabis patient population. I will be available for educational speaking engagements beginning June 2022 by appointment nationwide. Consultations for new patients seeking information about their state medical program have questions about cannabis as a medicine, or for referral to a state registered healthcare provider for recommendation to the medical cannabis program are available for all states. For current medical cannabis patients registered in the state medical program, virtual consultations are available to help navigate cannabis medicine with educational sessions, coaching, and medical oversight to provide high-quality continuity of care collaborating with their primary providers as needed.

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