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Ryan Szczerbacki, MS

Westerville, Ohio
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Business Development | Compliance/Regulation | Consultant | Education Programs | Sales and Partnership Development

2023 graduate of The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program. Through this groundbreaking program, I have developed expertise in the pharmacology, chemistry, clinical uses, adverse effects, public health considerations, and Federal and state laws and policies related to medical cannabis. I’m particularly interested in deciphering the complexities of cannabis compliance and regulation, promoting continued development of ancillary businesses and services, and supporting the professionalization of the industry through training and education. I am currently pursuing a career change by combining the knowledge I obtained from the MCST program with the business and management skills I developed over a 17 year career in the highly specialized railroad vegetation control industry. I’m excited to help improve the overall perception of cannabis use, and to encourage the advancement of its therapeutic potential.

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