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Rivka Oren, MS

Brooklyn, New York
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Botanical Nootropics/Adaptogens | Business Development | Clinical Research | Consultant | Policy | Research and Development

Hi! I currently work as a Nootropics Consultant, Medical Cannabis Program Coordinator & Dispensary Liaison, living in New York. I support healthcare teams’ evidence-basing physicians’ and pharmacists’ recommendations, individualizing care plans, protocol advisories, and posology strategies, continuing research in neuroscience and pharmacognosy.

Biodynamics and holistic healing sciences obsessed, I combine my experiences gained from working in integrative medicine and on international research teams, advising on aroma-chromotherapy and organic adaptogens consumable. I created a color and odor science guide to standardize a deduction method that would minimize AE/SE (for consumers/ environment) providing dispensary pharmacists with an order for matching individuals with live inflorescences.

Searching for a team to join investigating terroir or effects of certain phyto-fungi bioactive profiles, I am excited to be part of a greater mission to protect from the ground up healthier, safer, and efficient practices enjoyable. I can’t wait to hear from others passionate about plants, fungi, and bliss.

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