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Rebekah Perry, MS

Atlanta, GA
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Clinical Research | Education Programs | Exercise Physiology/Rehabilitation | Policy

Rebekah’s experience in the healthcare field took place at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia where she was an Exercise Physiologist for two years. The Shepherd Center is a brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospital and she saw first hand how important medical cannabis is for patients with neurological disorders. She is passionate about educating and clinically assessing patients recommended or interested in Medical Cannabis. Rowdy Wellness is her Medical Cannabis business here in Atlanta, Georgia where she has an avid role in advocacy, research, and policy. She is also a Medical Cannabis Board Executive at the University of Maryland where she is active in Social Equity and student engagement. Her passion for her involvement in the cannabis industry stems not only from her patients but also from her experience as a Division I elite soccer player and captain at the University of Georgia. After seeing how athletes are led down a road of opioid addiction, she is dedicated to providing athletes with an alternative medicine. Rowdy Wellness is currently awaiting a decision to be one of the 6 businesses to be awarded a cannabis growing license in the state of Georgia. Her goals are to continue to spread cannabis education and awareness and use Social Equity as a platform for the evolution of the cannabis industry’s voice.

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