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Joycelyn Boyde, MS

University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Clinical Research | Compliance/Regulation | Consultant | Education Programs | Policy | Speaker for Events

As a recent graduate with a Master’s Degree in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, my career goals are to participate in policy making, legislation, and advocacy for medical cannabis. Taking courses such as Medical cannabis History, Culture and Policy; State and Federal cannabis Laws and Policy; and Medical Cannabis Advocacy for patients and Public Heath have all contributed to solidifying my passion for the advancement of medicinal cannabis. I believe that safe access to medical cannabis should be made available to those with medical diagnosis that could benefit from its health attributes. To achieve my career goals, I plan to pursue opportunities that will allow me to work on cannabis policy and legislation. This will involve seeking out positions in both state and federal government agencies or political organizations that support medical cannabis legalization or reform. I aspire to work closely with lawmakers, stakeholders, and patients to promote the development of effective and equitable cannabis regulations. In addition to policy and legislation work, I plan to participate in cannabis advocacy efforts. This will involve working with patient advocacy groups, industry associations as well as nonprofit organizations that focus on cannabis policy reform. I am committed to promoting the education and awareness of medical cannabis as a viable treatment option for a variety of medical conditions, and I believe that advocacy efforts will be critical to achieving my goals.

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