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Jessica Lewis, BSN, RN, MS

Baltimore, Maryland
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Consultant | Education Programs | Healthcare Provider Education | Speaker for Events | Veteran Support

Jessica Lewis, MS, BSN, RN, a Registered Nurse with 6 years of ER and surgical experience, brings a unique blend of qualifications from the healthcare field. Holding a bachelor’s degrees in public and Community Health, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and a recently acquiring a Masters in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, she has positioned herself as a thought-provoking leader in patient advocacy.

Her belief in empowering patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey is evident in her commitment to providing high-quality education on cannabis, to both patients and providers should they choose to explore its potential benefits. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, having served one tour in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, Jessica understands firsthand the limitations imposed by federal regulations on alternative treatments to those who need it the most. Her own experience with debilitating injuries led her to explore the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD, sparking her interest for exploring other cannabinoids that could offer relief to those restricted from full-spectrum cannabis product use.

Driven by this passion, Jessica recently launched her own CBD business called Nursing Tree CBD. Her ultimate goal is to further expand her consultation services, connecting with individuals, businesses and paneled discussions that can benefit from her expertise in the field worldwide. With her unique background and dedication to patient education and empowerment, Jessica is poised to make a significant impact by blending advocacy, healthcare and cannabis therapeutics.

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