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Cory Olmstead, MS

Silver Spring, Maryland
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Consultant | Education Programs | Speaker for Events

While I have not officially taken this industry by storm yet, I definitely plan to as I develop my business. The purpose “The CannaCounselor LLC” is to provide cannabis education to the masses (ideally for free), provide consultation to those who need more specific and tailored information for their needs, and provide intentional safe cannabis-friendly events to address mental health or just to provide community in the cannabis space. All of these goals will be guided by or include mental health concepts and education along with resources to help manage your mental health with or without cannabis. Additionally, creating cannabis education/ training (instructional design) to provide educational material to doctors’ offices, therapists and any other organizations that may need accurate and destigmatized information about cannabis to fight misinformation and allow people to make more autonomous decisions in their healthcare.

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