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Brejohnna Castorina, MS

Phoenix, Arizona
University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy,


Advocacy/Social Justice | Consultant | Culinary | Education Programs | Marketing

I merge my expertise with a mission to infuse joy and elegance into the realm of cannabis. Serving as a Medical Education Coordinator and being an avid cannabis aficionado, I skillfully combine my Master’s of Science in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics with a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition Management, resulting in a captivating fusion of knowledge and creativity.

My passion extends far beyond professional achievements. During my leisure time, I find myself fully immersed in the art of crafting delightful and mouthwatering cannabis-infused recipes, showcasing my culinary ingenuity. But my dedication goes beyond the realm of taste. I have a zest for destigmatizing cannabis, embarking on a journey to educate the community and advocate for federal legalization. My ultimate goal is to ensure safe access to the therapeutic wonders of cannabis for all individuals across the United States.

I strive to illuminate the path towards a more inclusive future. Through engaging educational initiatives and unwavering commitment, I seek to empower individuals to embrace the transformative potential of cannabis.

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