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Beverly Bye, DNP, MS, PhD

Parkton, Maryland


Anxiety/Depression/Mood Disorders | Clinical Research | Consultant | Licensed Healthcare Practitioner | Speaker for Events | Women's Health | Writer

As a dual board certified NP in Family / Psychiatry for over 20 yrs and a MS Graduate of UMB School of Pharmacy Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, I’m constantly researching the best treatment options / plan, including the use of cannabis/ cannabinoids. for a variety of conditions including but not limited to the following:
Chronic pain, anxiety, panic disorder, depression, mood disorders, insomnia, addictions, women’s health, Perinatal health, weight loss, diabetes.
Certified in weight loss and diabetes education- CDCES.
I look for the best specific options for my patients.
Looking forward to researching more about treatment options utilizing cannabinoids.

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