Leigh Vinocur

Dr. Leigh Vinocur is a board-certified emergency physician, with a master’s degree in medical cannabis science and therapeutics. Founder and chief medical officer of Ananda Medical Practice and Consulting. She is focused on providing the most up-to-date,...

Beverly Bye

As a dual board certified NP in Family / Psychiatry for over 20 yrs and a MS Graduate of UMB School of Pharmacy Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, I’m constantly researching the best treatment options / plan, including the use of cannabis/ cannabinoids. for a...

Robin Meistrell

Seeking a career in an integrated pharmacy system with the goal of becoming an essential component of a patient-focused health care team with an emphasis in psychopharmacology.

Mary Cathy Neumann

I am a clinical pharmacist available to help consult on cannabis integration into treatment regimens and education/consultation with health care professionals and patients.

Margaret Malaro

I received my MD in 1993 from Indiana University, and completed a residency in family medicine in St. Paul, MN in 1996. I practiced in Minnesota for 3 more years before returning to Maryland in 1999, where I grew up. I practiced on the Eastern Shore until March, 2020,...