The CWG Mission

The mission of The Cannabis Wellness Group (CWG) is to promote and connect Specialized Cannabis Professionals with opportunities to bring their unique skill, education and value to companies, governments and individuals.


The CWG Founder

My name is Steve Landuyt and I’m the founder of The Cannabis Wellness Group (a talent-finder + opportunity networking platform) and Cannabusiness Consulting (an industry resource for customized cannabis education programs).

  • I’m an educator, an advocate and an entrepreneur for safe and effective cannabis use.
  • I am thrilled to be on the front line of cultural change – professionally and socially.
  • I consider it a privilege to support my peers and colleagues with The Cannabis Wellness Group and to help companies grow more efficiently and effectively with the unique talent of Specialized Cannabis Professionals.

The Approach

  1. B2B (Business-to-Business): I created The Cannabis Wellness Group (CWG) to highlight and empower Specialized Cannabis Professionals to connect with companies looking for uniquely trained talent to add to their team. From cultivation, extraction and lab/QC testing skill, to social advocacy and licensed healthcare practitioners, the CWG is the ‘Go-To’ source for Specialized Cannabis Professionals, many with a Master in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics.
  2. B2G (Business-to-Government): I am Co-Chair of the Business Committee for the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR) where our goal is to bring together the stakeholders of the cannabis industry and the federal government to create a safe and accessible marketplace.
  3. B2C (Business-to-Consumer): I launched the educational podcast called “Grandma and Her Gummies™ with real-life stories and lessons for safe and effective cannabis use. It’s not about getting high; it’s about getting BETTER: Better Sleep, Better Relief, Better Quality of Life! This includes a curated line of CBD products available on the website and Amazon.

Personally, I strive to live a life of abundance and to lead by example with gratitude, support and encouragement of others along my path, in my way 😉 and on my journey. My goal is to EDUCATE everyone who wants to know the basics about cannabis – from the warnings …to the therapeutic benefits – and to build an ecosystem of Specialized Cannabis Professionals as the next leaders of this growing industry.

Reach out to me directly for partnership opportunities and professional business development ideas.

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