The Cannabis Professional Network (CPN) Mission

The mission of the Cannabis Professional Network (CPN) is to promote and connect Specialized Cannabis Professionals with industry contacts and opportunities in order to bring their unique skill, education and value to companies, governments and individuals.


The CPN Founder

Steve Landuyt is the founder of The Cannabis Wellness Group, LLC which owns the Cannabis Professional Network (a talent-finder + opportunity networking platform), Grandma and Her Gummies (an educational podcast for safe cannabis use) and Cannabusiness Consulting (an industry resource for customized cannabis education programs).

  • Steve is an entrepreneur, an advocate and an educator for safe and effective cannabis use.
  • He is thrilled to be on the front line of cultural change – professionally and socially.
  • It is a privilege to bring The Cannabis Professional Network as a ‘LinkedIn of cannabis‘ to support Recruiters, Companies, Advocacy Groups and Specialized Cannabis Professionals across the industry.

The Opportunity

    Contact us to add your profile to the CPN platform and/or for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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