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This platform is a powerful tool for recruiters and companies looking to find the right talent for their needs as well as for cannabis professionals looking to grow their businesses and careers.

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The Skill, Value and Benefits that you get with Specialized Cannabis Professionals

Operational Efficiency and Expertise

Hiring specialized cannabis professionals can help companies improve operations, stay ahead of the competition, and navigate the complex regulatory environment of the cannabis industry.

Key operational disciplines include:

  • Cultivation, extraction and dispensaries
  • Establish SOPs to meet regulatory standards
  • Marketing, packaging and educational design

Policy Design and Implementation

Specialized cannabis professionals can help consulting firms and government agencies design and incorporate comprehensive cannabis policies to ensure maximum safety, equity and tax benefits.

Key areas of policy discipline include:

  • Knowledge of state and local regulations
  • Ability to track and monitor bills and sponsors
  • Ensure compliance with local and federal laws

Science and Therapeutic Application

Specialized cannabis professionals will incorporate the latest science and evidence-based research into new product formulations, clinical studies as well as designing personalized cannabis programs.

Key areas of scientific discipline include:

  • Medical cannabis research study design
  • New product development and innovation
  • Educational programs (group/personal)

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